Rock A Betty Beauty “Lid Lusters”

Rock A Betty Beauty on offers bloggers a sample of their Lid Luster’s mineral make-up collection for a fairly low price. I am interested in trying out more mineral make-up, so I took them up on their offer. They sent me five different shades, ranging from a light, almost nude color to a vibrant blue that I’m still a little scared to try out. I’ve used the lighter colors several times, as well as the metallic-grey one. They’re pretty great.

The color lasts all day and it’s easy to manipulate the shade by applying as little or as much as you want. A heavy hand makes for heavier color, obviously. I try to use a light hand because I’m just not brave enough to go all out on the eyelid front. The color names are really cute, like “Jezebel,” “Curse,” and my favorite, “Housewife.” Clever descriptions add some fun to the shopping experience.

I’m definitely thinking about trying out some of the other products offered. “Happy Chappy” lip balm claims to have mood-boosting ingredients while conditioning and softening chapped lips. They also offer a “Crack Baggie” sampler of all 20 of their Lid Luster shades for a mere $5 plus $1.75 shipping and handling. I think this is a pretty great price for such a huge sample pack.


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