Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Perfect Ten

I got in on the Clairol House Party from and was pretty excited to get free hair dye. I dye my hair about once every six weeks and tend to alternate between some sort of burgundy color and plain old brown. My natural hair color is dark brown. Not the awesome chocolate brown like the chick on the box, but an almost black brown with no dimension. I also have gray hair, have had it since I was in my 20’s. I attribute it to the sheer thickness of my hair, there is a lot. My nearly-bald grandfather used to joke about taking half of mine and we’d both have luxurious manes. Thick hair grays faster than thin.

So every 6-8 weeks, I redo my whole head. The only colors that really take to my hair are shades of auburn, burgundy, and browns. This depressed me to no end when I was trying time and again for that perfect shade of plum, but I’ve moved on and accepted that it will never happen.

I tried two different colors of the Clairol Perfect 10. One was awesome and one sucked. The Cinnamon Red Hot dark auburn was awful. It was the first color I bought with a coupon for $5 off. This was before the house party campaign.  At first I thought it was awesome because it did only take ten minutes, rinsed out fairly easily, and was a perfect shade the next day. Then I washed my hair. Every brand seems to dull upon washing, it’s a fact of life with hair dye. But this color wore off within about a week. It was faded and you could barely even tell I had dyed my hair. Considering the average price for a box of this product is over $10, I was happy I didn’t pay full price.

When I got the free coupons I figured I’d give it another shot and try a different color.  I’m either a gluttton for punishment of a firm believer in second chances. I got the color pictured above, Mocalotive Medium Brown (who comes up with the names for these things?). This one worked much better. Perfect shade of chocolatey brown that hasn’t faded at all in the last few weeks.

Would I still pay full price for it after having  a positive experience? Hell no, not when there are dozens of other brands and sub-brands for under $7 left to choose from. But if I had a coupon that made it more reasonably priced, I would get it again.

While we’re on the subject of hair dye and Clairol, I do recommend avoiding the Herbal Essences Highlighting kits. I found it totally useless, impossible to maneuver the brush properly, and gave up halfway through out of total frustration. What I got were a few tiny reddish streaks in the front of my hair.


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