Lego Star Wars Complete Saga for XBOX 360

My son and I have been playing this game on an almost daily basis for a little over a month, some days for several hours at a time, and we’re still only at about 68% completion. There is just so much to do. Six levels in each of the six episodes, a total of 36 power bricks and 360 regular canisters to find, not to mention all the challenge levels, the bounty hunter missions and the two-player arcade. Cheats are hard to come by, unlike in Lego Batman or Indiana Jones (the latter of which we pretty much ruined by unlocking everything without effort, so I kind of like the challenge of not being able to cheat). This obviously makes the game take far longer to complete. By the way, the invincibility code found on the internet does not work, so don’t even bother. There are over 120 unlockable, playable characters and several vehicles.

Gameplay is pretty much like the other Lego games, go through scenes from the movie, build Lego contraptions and destroy everything in site. But there is enough variation, such as using the force to build, to differentiate it from the other games in the franchise. Violence occurs, Chewbacca rips the arms off of Storm Troopers, but it’s Lego violence so I don’t think that really counts.

Some of the levels are insanely hard, at least for me and my four year old. It took us about twenty tries to make it through one level, and we both suck at the flying missions. But for $20, this game has provided us with countless hours of entertainment and mother-son bonding time. Off all the Lego games out so far, I recommend this one the most highly, although I haven’t played the new Indiana Jones yet.


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