Keurig Coffee Maker

I have always been a coffee addict. I can’t even fully open my eyes without a cup or three in the morning. I like all coffee, weak and strong, flavored and unflavored, full of random stuff like chocolate syrup, cinnamon, and whatever else sounds good at the moment. Sure, some coffee is better than others. I’ll take Starbucks over Folgers any day. But when the alarm clock goes off, as long as it’s caffienated, I’m happy.

I’ve wanted a Keurig coffee maker forever and finally got one (well, my mom got it, but I live in her basement, so it’s as good as mine). What’s not to love about the ability to make any kind of coffee you want in under a minute? No more setting up the timer to brew a pot and hoping it goes off. No more blindly stumbling around the house like a drunk waiting for the damn pot to fill up enough to pour out half a cup (thank you gods for pause and serve!). I put my pretty little k-cup in the holder, snap it shut, hit a bottom and before I have the cream out of the fridge, it’s done.  I can’t think of a better way to make coffee.

Except now I’ve moved beyond mere addict into full-blown junkie status. I ordered a sampler pack of coffee from Amazon the other day. I recently got my Prime back, so it only took two days to come. I was watching for that UPS man like a crack addict watches for a dealer. I’m bouncing off the walls, jonesing for morning to come so I can try another flavor or twelve.

Sure, the novelty will wear off eventually and I’ll be back to drinking my usual 3-4 cups a day. But for now, my unnatural obsession with my coffee maker is certainly making me more productive at least!


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