My Love Affair With Badger Balm

I discovered Badger’s products back before Jacob was first born. Preparing to be a new mom, and relatively broke, I started writing to all the companies I could find and requested samples of their products. I wanted the best for my son, but I didn’t want to pay full prices only to find that something didn’t work. Many places I wrote didn’t even bother responding, or told me they didn’t offer samples. Badger, however, was different. They didn’t just send me a sample, they sent me one of their .75oz tins (they offer two sizes, this is the smaller one) of Organic Baby Balm. It retails for $5.50 on their website.

This stuff works miracles. Although Jake rarely had diaper rashes, when he did get them, Baby Balm cured them overnight when nothing else would work at all. I used it on his dry skin, even on his scalp when he had those weird scales that babies sometimes get. It never caused irritation, and it smelled great. I was so impressed, I started looking at their other products.

I’ve tried several of their balms. The Healing Balm works wonders on dry, cracked cuticles. I’m a nail biter, and when I run out of nail, I bite the skin around my fingers until it hurts. Badger Healing Balm soothed the pain at night and helped heal my self-inflicted damage. I’ve also used the Foot Balm, the Sore Muscle Rub, and the Night-Night Balm. All meet or exceed their claims. The products smell great, are all natural, and last a really long time. At first, I thought they were a little too pricey, but a .75oz tin of the Night-Night Balm lasted me about six months. The other balms go a little faster, but they still last quite a while.

Another big plus for me is the customer service provided. Orders are shipped fast. I usually got mine in about four days, if that. Emails are answered quickly by real people. Shipping is a little steep for me, $7 for any order up to $49.99, but it’s free over $50. The company is small and family run, started out of their kitchen less than 15 years ago. Despite a turbulent economy in which many are raising prices through the roof, Badger’s prices have remained the same for at least as long as I’ve been shopping with them. This is one of the few companies that I will recommend over and over to anyone that will listen.


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