Hooray For Chuck!

by Nikki on May 17, 2011

The network upfronts are this week, that magical time when the major network announce their fall lineup. I’m mildly obsessed with them, waiting anxiously for the official word regarding my favorite shows. So far, only NBC and FOX have announced the new line-up. Poor “Chuck ” has been on the chopping block every season since it started just a few years ago, and once again it managed to dodge the bullet. Unfortunately, it only received a temporary stay- next season will be the last, and from what I understand, it will be a shortened season. At least it’s on the Fall schedule, so I wont have t wait until Spring to find out what happens next! I would have been pretty freaking pissed if “Chuck Vs. The Cliffhanger” was the series finale, not because it wasn’t a great episode, but because I like a little advanced notice before one of my favorite shows gets yanked off the schedule. “Smallville,”  for example, gave me plenty of advance notice and went out on a perfect note. I loved the series finale.

I don’t really understand why “Chuck” had so much difficulty gaining an audience. It’s smart, witty, entertaining, and full of action. I always thought all those qualities gave it a wider appeal. I guess people are more interested in fake reality shows than fun escapist action/comedy/dramas. Sorry, I don’t mean to offend fans of “The Bachelor”, “The Bachelorette,” “Random Rich Guy Dating A Bunch Of Girls With IQ’s Lower Than Their Bra Size,” or “Random Rich Guy Hires a Bunch of People, Yells at Them A lot, Then Fires Them.” Oh, and how could I forget “The Amazing Race To Survive Celebrity Rehab.”  As you can tell, they’re just not my thing, and I don’t understand the appeal. I’m a little bitter because I feel like wave after wave of nearly identical reality shows are destroying good TV.

Although ABC hasn’t officially announced their fall schedule, they have already canceled “V” and “No Ordinary Family.” While I get the decision behind that, I’m sad to see both of them go, especially “No Ordinary Family.” Shonda Rhimes’ new drama “Off the Map” got tossed off the schedule, which sucks because I liked it way better than “Private Practice,” a show that I TRIED to like but couldn’t get through the first two episodes.

I have a theory about why new shows fail so often. It’s not because they suck, it’s not even because half the country has apparently been lobotomized into believing that shows about guys screwing with a whole bunch of women’s heads at once if quality entertainment, it’s because networks do not give new shows a chance to succeed, and fans know it. I don’t get attached to new shows now because I know there is a very strong chance that they’ll be yanked to make room for yet another “So You Think You Have a Talent That America Will Idolize.”Why should I invest time and energy into a relationship that just wont last? Isn’t that what our teen years and early twenties are for? I have abandonment issues when it comes to new shows, so I don’t get emotionally invested. I’m going to need a lot of TV Watcher’s Therapy before I can ever fully trust a network again.

But at least Chuck Bartowski will be sticking around for one more run, and I’ll have a chance to say goodbye before he’s relegated to DVD-only status. So thanks for that at least, NBC.




Jill May 19, 2011 at 12:14 am

hmmm….never seen Chuck. I wish they would have kept some shows that were cancelled like the Sara Connor Chronicles..loved that one! FOX has a way of cancelling all the good shows…and Firefly. LOVED that syfy flick. speaking of syfy and cancelled shows: they cancelled my show Stargate Universe!!! I died!!

you kno i started watching V…but couldn’t get that into it. I’m a fan of the original, haha…

what about “dating in the dark” is that one still going??

Nikki May 19, 2011 at 2:28 pm

I never heard of Dating in the Dark, but I did love Sara Connor and really wished they kept that one. Fox is the worst for canceling shows. And Stargate Universe- I flipped at that finale. Seriously! That’s it?!?!? I was beyond livid. I LOVED the original V, my mom and I just watched it again recently.

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