Gripe of the Day- Right Click Disabling

by Nikki on May 15, 2011

Today’s gripe- sites that disable right clicking. I’ve been to a few blogs and other random sites recently that had that feature installed, with a note popping up about the copyright or, worse, mentioned “stealing” in the pop up, which just left me feeling insulted and defensive. There are many reasons why someone right-clicks on a page, and all but one of them have to do with stealing. When I’m entering giveaways, for example, I right click on all the different ways to follow, so I don’t have to keep leaving and going back to the page after each task. When I come across a blog that I really like and want to follow in multiple ways, I like to right-click on twitter or FB and open the link in a new window. When the post mentions something that sounds interesting and provides a link that I want to follow, I right-click. I use the right-click constantly because I don’t know if the blogger used “open in new window” link targets or not, and I’d rather not waste time trying to find out.

By disabling that feature on your blog, the chances of me sticking around once I click off your page are pretty minimal.  Not so much because of the right-click disabling itself, but because I have a short attention span, so if I click the Twitter button to follow you and it takes me away from your site completely, chances are something is going to catch my eye and I’ll wander off down the yellow brick road of the internet, completely forgetting where I came from five minutes later. However, if I am permitted to right-click and open twitter in a new window, I’ll still wander off for a few moments, but then I’ll see your tab still open in my browser and say “oh yeah! that’s what I was doing!”

I can understand wanting to protect your images. Everyone wants to protect their work. But disabling right-clicking isn’t going to really do a darn thing to stop people from stealing your stuff. If they want a picture that bad, all they really need to do is hit the “Print Screen” button and paste it into a photo program, crop out what they want, and voila, they’ve circumventing your protective measures.

And yes, I am aware that I can shift-click something to get it to open in a new window. But a) I want it to open in a new tab, not a window, and I’m not going to fiddle around with my browser settings just to make a small percentage of blogs easier to read and b) it requires more effort, and I’m a lazy surfer. When I’m in “mouse-mode,” I don’t want to have to take my hands off it and deal with the keyboard.

I implore all of those that choose to disable right-clicking to really think about what it says to your audience. It basically says “I don’t trust you, you may be a thief,” and no one likes to be lumped in with the bad crowd when they haven’t even done anything wrong.


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Kelly May 15, 2011 at 5:19 pm

Hello! I saw your post on fb. I’d never thought about right clicking to open in a new window. Great tip! Old habits die hard, but I’ll try to remember to do that.

Have a great evening,

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