Messing With Themes

by Nikki on May 10, 2011

I changed both blogs over to Thesis this week. While I loved the whole idea of making my own design in Artisteer, it was so hard to change anything once I finalized it. Once upon a time, when basic HTML ruled the webiverse, I actually knew how to design web pages from scratch. Now I’m completely lost, and I don’t have the time or desire to learn a whole new system, which means I can’t be digging around in .php or .css files looking for answers. So thesis seemed like the best option. I did keep my header, but changed the sidebars so they are on both sides rather than both on one side. I’ll mess around with the rest of the settings, fonts, colors, and what not a little more and get it how I like it, but for now, what do you think?

I changed Pretty Opinionated over a few days ago. That one was more nerve wracking, since I had giveaways going on at the time and couldn’t afford to be down for more than a few minutes. I managed to break the damn site, of course. I wanted to put a cute footer in. More specifically, a horizontal footer. I thought I found the code, I edited the custom.php file, and BOOM, the whole thing broke! The site started screaming in huge letters “error in line 52!” or something like that. I screamed “Mom! Fix it!!!” She fixed it for me in a flash and told me not to touch that file anymore. Where I have fallen way behind in web design, my mom has excelled, so at least someone knows what they’re doing.

My favorite part of thesis is that I can change colors within the blink of an eye. Just press a button here, hit that giant save button, and voila!  It’s like a dream come true for the short attention span in me!


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