30 Days- Day 2- Meaning Behind My Blog Name

by Nikki on April 17, 2011

I think I covered this a long time ago. It’s nothing really fascinating or anything. Back in February of 2009 when I decided it might be fun to start a blog, I knew absolutely nothing about it. I figured like all things, I’d grow bored of it after five minutes. And while it took me nearly two years to really get serious about it and embrace the whole blogging world, now I’m fairly hooked.

When I started the blog, I wanted to think of a cool name. But nothing came to mind. I’ve never been good at coming up with names for stuff, or titles, or captions. When I finally do write a book, I’m going to have to find someone else to give it a title. Anyway, I was at a loss for a name and said “screw it, can it just be nameless? I can’t come up with a pretty name!” Then I said to myself (outloud, most likely, because I talk to myself frequently, but pretend to actually be talking to others in the house, then I accuse them of not listening when they say “what? who are you talking to?” It’s fun) “Pretty Nameless is cute! I’ll go with that!” Fast-forward two years, and I was in the same predicament trying to name my review blog. I spun off the Pretty part and created Pretty Opinionated, because, you know, I’m opinionated and what not.

So that is the relatively boring story of how Pretty Nameless came to be named Pretty Nameless rather than “Insert Blog Name Here.”


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Ceinwyn April 18, 2011 at 11:46 pm

I think its plenty clever, and your personal and review blog names tie in together well!

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