30 Days of Me- Day 1 (aka Let’s See How Long This Lasts)

by Nikki on April 16, 2011

So I figured since I’m kind of having a major case of writer’s block these days, I’d try this whole 30 Days of Me thing. It’s kind of like a list, and I do so love lists. Of course, those who have been around for, oh, say, about a month or longer, already know that I have a very short attention span and completely lack follow through on things like this that require me to remember to do something each day. So unless I manage to schedule an entire 30 days of posts in the next two days, chances are this is going to be a 5 Days of Me deal instead.

So today I’m supposed to show you a recent picture of myself and tell you 15 new facts. Well, the new facts part is a little hard because I’ve already told you just about everything there is to know about me. The recent picture is about 8 months old, it’s the most recent picture I have that is half decent.

Photo Credit: Rich Etolen

15 Totally New and Fun Facts About Nikki

1. When I was little, I had four imaginary friends. They appeared when I was about two (this is important once you hear the names). DeeDee was a bad boy, always getting into trouble. DoeDoe was the only girl, she was my best friend. BeBe (short e sounds) was a shy boy. He vanished early. SchnackShna was the weird one, and had some issues related to his name.

2. I spent years searching under every mushroom for Smurfs. Alas, I never found the communist village.

3. When I was three, I went to CA to see my aunt with my grandmother. I got stuck in between a pole and a counter in a store. The cashier was freaking out, but my grandmother said “she got herself in there, she’ll get herself out.” Obviously, since I’m not still stuck in some random department store, I did in fact get myself out. Those were great words of wisdom!

4. During that same trip, I insisted on wearing a white sweater everywhere. Even the beach. My grandmother had to buy me a new one to wash the old one. Maybe that’s where we were when I got stuck.

5. I was once bit in the head by a parrot.

6. I was a vegetarian for 16 years for moral reasons. But I hated vegetables because I’m a picky eater. I lived on pasta and fruit.

7. Tuesday is my favorite day of the week because I really just love the word “Tuesday.”

8. I spent my 18th birthday in Disneyland, courtesy of the same aunt we went out to see when I was 3.

9. I spent a week in New Orleans after graduation with several friends, and I got to play with Anne Rice’s dog.

10. When I eat potato chips, I sprinkle chocolate chips on top of them. My mother finds this appalling, but it’s delicious!

11. I still buy cereal based on the toy surprise inside.

12. Jake has an excessive amount of kid’s movies (about 300). At least 100 of these were bought before he even existed. So secretly, I have an excessive amount of kid’s movies.

13. My all-time favorite word is “pandemonium.”

14. Yeah, I ran out of stuff by number 5, and I’m just randomly tossing out boring facts now, so I think we’ll call it quits with 14.




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