Random Stories Friday II

by Nikki on April 15, 2011

So about a month or so ago, I said I was going to try to remember to do a Random Stories Friday tradition. Of course, I forgot until now. I’m not good at anything that requires me to actually remember what day of the week it is. Today is Friday, right? This weeks random stories theme is “when animals attack.”

Dog Bites Girl – When I was about ten years old (and my brother was five), we were visiting his aunt’s house. She used to live in part of a mansion as a caretaker. The people who owned the place lived in the main house, and they have a really pretty German Shepherd. One day, I was outside playing and the dog was asleep in the grass. Since I had grown up with a Shepherd, I assumed they were all as tolerant as mine was. So I walked over to her, leaned down to give her a kiss, and ended up getting bit in the face.

I remember the very first thought, aside from “ouch” was “oh no, the dog will get in trouble!” I knew it was my fault. The dog was sleeping and I startled her. I begged my little brother to just go get a tissue and not say anything. But being five years old, he ran in screaming “Nikki is bleeding!! The dog bit her!” My mom was called, I was taken to the hospital, and they had to put a stitch in my lip. That damn stitch hurt a million times worse than the dog bite. The whole time, I begged them not to yell at the dog. Thankfully, because the owners could prove the dog had her rabies shots, at least I didn’t have to get a zilion needles and the dog didn’t have to be quarantined. I don’t think anything bad happened to the poor pooch, but I learned my lesson- let sleeping dogs lie. I suppose there’s a reason for that old cliche after all.I still have a scar from that bite, although it’s mostly faded to wear only I can see it because I know where to look.


The Panther with the Voracious Appetite for Toddlers– This is a story my mom recounted for me several times over the years, as I was too young to recall it. Once, when I was maybe a year old, my mom went to some sort of drive-through safari at some fair. They apparently let you get pretty close to the animals, as in like right out in the open with them. They were supposedly well-trained. My mom was carrying me and we passed a black panther. The giant was apparently not well fed, or perhaps I just smelled really good, because as she passed, it gave chase. She had to run back to the tour bus, and I believe my head was bonked on a door at some point. Hey, how many people can say “a panther tried to eat me when I was a baby!”? On a similar note, we used to know a guy who owned a lioness. Apparently, she also wanted to eat me.

Despite the fact that I’ve been a chew-toy for a German Shepherd and a potential snack for giant cats, I am absolutely fearless when it comes to animals (except geese and bugs). A little too fearless, perhaps. When my dog Cooper treed a bear cub, I walked out into the woods to try to convince him to come home while my mom screamed “get back on the porch! The mother will be back for her baby! You’re going to get mauled!” Of course, I was very cautious and obviously I did not get mauled.

So that’s it for Random Stories Friday this week. Check back next week and see if I actually remember to do it again.



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