Roku Pros and Cons, Anyone?

by Nikki on March 6, 2011

I’m considering getting a Roku now that the standard one dropped down to like $60. I have XBOX Live Gold for Netflix, but since that’s ALL I really use it for, it seems a little absurd to continue paying basically an additional fee just to stream Netflix. I have the Wii, but Jake has an easier time using the XBOX controller. We have a Prime account, and now Amazon lets Prime members get free streaming video. It just seems like I can do more with the Roku than I can with the XBOX, and I only have to pay a one-time fee, right?

Do any of my brilliant and oh-so-helpful readers out there have one? If so, is it better to spend the extra $20 and get the mid-range model with the Enhanced Remote? Do I need an enhanced remote? Do I need the extended wireless N feature? I would rather get the cheap model, but on the other hand, it’ll be just as bad as continuing to pay for XBOX Live if I just have to buy another model in a year.

This would all be such a moot question if the XBOX didn’t insist on charging you an extra fee to use a service you already pay for. They could take a page out of Wii’s book and just let the Silver subscribers have the feature. But I don’t really expect anything less from a company like Microsoft. Don’t get me wrong, I love the XBOX, but I still think it’s crappy to charge me to stream Netflix videos when I’m already paying for Netfflix AND the internet connection required to use streaming video services.

I usually hem and haw for months before buying anything that costs more than $40 (except the Lego video games, the only game for which I’ll gladly pay full price). So give me your advice, the pros and cons of the Roku, anything that helps make my decision easier.


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