Happy Read Across America Day!

by Nikki on March 2, 2011

I think by now even my newest readers have figured out that I am a complete reading addict, so of course I can’t let this awesome day pass without saying something about it. Today is “National Read Across America Day.” Developed by the National Education Association to coincide with Dr. Seuss’ birthday, National Read Across America Day was designed to encourage all children in communities across the nation to celebrate reading. Personally, I think every day should be National Reading Day, but if this event encourages even one child to pick up a book, then I’m all for it! I’ve been instilling the value and importance of reading in my son since before he even emerged from the womb. I bought his very first book when I was about five months pregnant and started reading it to him that night.  We read at least one book a day, and we’re now venturing into chapter books without pictures, reading a little each night before bed. I am proud to say that his love of books now matches my own, and at only five years old, his library is almost as extensive as mine. He, like me, enjoys a variety of genres, from story books featuring his favorite superheroes and cartoon characters to non-fiction works about dinosaurs, outer space and, oddly enough, human anatomy. That last one is my doing. I got tired of explaining to him that, unless he has a clotting disorder, he is not going to bleed out from a small cut or scratch, so I bought him a book on human anatomy (I highly recommend Dr. Frankenstein Human Body Book) to show him how much blood he has and how his body produces more cells in the bone marrow. From there, it just launched into a full-fledged discussion about the brain, the spinal cord, muscles, etc. We have yet to cover the reproductive organs. I never thought liberal old me would be squeamish about explaining the birds and the bees to my child.

Anyway, back to the original subject (I’m aware that I tend to go off on tangents , they all seem logical to me at the time though). If you’re looking for fun activities to celebrate, the National Education Association has a lot of great information about the day, including activity ideas and resources for parents and educators. Seussville is also loaded with awesome printables and activities. But the beauty of “Read Across America Day” is that it doesn’t require any fancy activities, parties or events. Simply grab a book and a comfy spot, snuggle up, and read to your child. If you don’t have a child, read to yourself. Adult literacy is just as important.

Jake and I have already selected our Dr. Seuss book for tonight’s bedtime story. Actually, it is one of the books from The Cat in the Hat Learning Library- “Oh Say Can You Say Di-no-saur?” but we’ll most likely also be reading the perennial Seuss favorite “The Cat in the Hat” because I can’t bear to pass by Seuss’ birthday without honoring the man who gave us such fun-to-read children’s books in the first place.  So get off the computer and go read a book! Just make sure you come back though, okay? Have a happy Read Across America Day!



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